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PVC Shrink Film

We deal in PVC ShrinK Sleeves in widths from 23 mm to 700 mm and thicknesses from 25 microns to 200 microns. These films can be supPVC ShrinK Filmplied in form of rolls, cut sleeves, sealed pouches, preformed caps etc. Our PVC Shrink films are used for packaging various products. Their easy application and fast shrinking reduces energy consumption in the packaging process. These shrink sleeve make product pilferage proof, dust proof, tamper proof, increases the shelf life and also increases the esthetic value of the product.


The PVC shrink films are used for labeling and packing products in various industries like....

    •   Food & beverage industries: Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Liquors, Pickles, Jams, Jellies, Fruit Juices, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Ghee, Edible Oils etc. in Bottles / Cans / Jars

    •   Printing & Packaging industries

    •   Cosmetic & Toiletry industries: Powder, Perfume, Hair Oil, Shampoo etc. in bottles & jars

    •   Pharmaceutical industries: Liquid Bottles, Tablet/Powder Containers & Jars

    •   Electrical industries: for bus bar application and insulation tape packing Stationery & Writing instrument industries


PVC Heat Shrinkable FilmPVC Heat Shrinkable Film

We deals in premium range of PVC Shrink Films.

* Tubes, Labels, sleeves and Pouches.
* Tubes: 50 mm to 750 mm (25u to 90u) 
* shrinkage capacity upto 40% in width and 20% in length.


PVC Shrink Labels

PVC Shrink LabelsPVC Shrink Labels or Body sleeves offer many advantages over other forms of labelling. PVC Shrink LabelsThey can be used on odd shaped containers, are scratch proof, offer high resolution graphics across the entire body of the container, are applied easily by hand held hot air blowers or sophisticated shrink tunnels, ensure high speed labelling on automaticapplicators, work efficiently in cold environments where other labels may turn soggy and fall off, can be laminated with holographic strips to prevent duplication, can be applied with hotmelt adhesives to prevent rotation around containers and many more such advantages.


Shrink Sleeves for Cap Sealing

Capitalizing on our in-depth industry expertise, we offer a superior range of ShrinkSleeves For Cap Sealing to our clients. We manufacture these with superior quality materials and are highly demanded for its excellent Shrink Sleeves for Cap Sealingfeatures like these are flexible, thin wall, medium wall, heavy wall. Our ranges of shrink sleeves are well known for excellent electrical insulation and high performance for all applications. We export these at competitive prices.

A variety of sleeve from very small and narrow ones to broad ones are produced as per customers requirement. It is available in various colours. Physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, water absorption are guaranteed. Electrical properties such as volume resistivity and dielectric strength are guaranteed. Improvement on impact resistance is made so that the sleeved condensers are not broken if, it falls from height.


Reverse Printed Sleeves

Reverse Printed Shrinkable Labels are used all over the world by food, beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers ontheir containers to improve aesthetic value as also to boost the brand image of their products. Reverse printed labels offer distortion-free coverage of the container for 360* and is ideal for use on glass, plastic, PET, composite cans and tin containers. These labels have distinct advantage of simple operation and low cost and can be manually placed on the containers before passing through the shrink tunnels. To achieve better productivity in case of high speed operation, such labels are placed on the containers with the help of automatic applicator machines. In such cases the labels can be supplied in continuous length to suit the operation.

Reverse Printed SleevesUse in different Industries as Below
* Cosmetics
* Mineral Water
* Edible Oil
* Lubricants
* Ayurvedic Products
* Food Products
* Paints Industries


Shrink Labels for Dry Cell Batteries

With the esteem support of our experts we offer this ShrinkLabels for Batteries that are available as per the client requirement. They are used in various applications in battery industries for making the Battery Cells leak proof and also twin or multiple packs of Battery Cells. Shrink Labels for Dry Cell Batteries 


Shrink Sleeves for General Packaging

These are Pvc heat shrinkable sleeve open at two side i.e. upper side & lower side. Our Sleeve can be used as excellent marketing tool which offers variety of possibility of implementing sales activities such as combi-packs, promotional packs, free gifts, etc. It is effective, attractive, economical and quick mode of paking.

Range Available :
Width : 50mm to 750mm Thickness : 0.025mm to 0.15mm 
Shrink Ration : Machine Direction - 10% to 20%
Transverse Direction - 40% to 50% 
Standard Packing : Cut Pieces (500 Pcs.) 

Shrink Process :

We can suggest the right kind of applicator machines and equipments from its associates for manual and automatic Shrink Sleeve application.

Shrink Sleeves for General PackagingPurushottam offers comprehensive service, while offering the Purushottam sleeves. The customer has to furnish container and details such as art work of design required with colour scheme. Rest of the development of Reverse Printed Shrinkable Purushottam Sleeve also for other applications is undertaken by Purushottam 's creative and technical team to meet the customer’s requirements.

Storage : Due to built-in shrink properties, Purushottam sleeve should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.s - Bottle, Jar, Can etc.


Shrink Sleeves for Promotional Pack

Shrink sleeve can be used as an excellent marketing tool which offers variety of possibility of implementing sales activities such as combi-packs, promotional packs, free gifts, etc. It is effective, attractive, economical and quick mode of packing.

Shrink Sleeves for Promotional Pack   


Shrink Sleeves for Container Sealing

Shrink sleeve in pouch form, sealed at one end is used for shrink wrapping complete container. 

Shrink Sleeves for Container SealingContainers can be shrunk from top to bottom. In this case sleeve becomes cohesive part of the pack. Shrink sleeve makes it possible to shrink bottles with unusual shapes.

Shrink sleeve also restricts spillage, should it occur and thus reduces transit damages. Shrink sleeve can be used for jars, cans, cartons, Wine & liquor bottles, Oil containers aerosol, etc. are some of the examples where Shrink sleeve is used for complete container sealing.

Shrink sleeves can be even used for packing of auto / engineering goods, electrical accessories, technical products, stationeries, etc.